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Accident & Critical Care Insurance in Bend, Oregon

I have several options to cover these types of concerns. They are becoming more important all the time since the deductibles and premiums are on the rise, this type of insurance is a viable way to keep your insurance cost down while protecting you and your loved ones for the future. If you’re interested in this type of coverage, I can educate you about how to compliment your health insurance and alleviate your risk factor.

An accident or critical illness may strike at any time. We’ve all heard of stories of people who have been gravely affected by an illness or accident, and the financial strain it may have caused the family. While there certainly isn’t a way to prepare for illnesses or accidents, it helps to have an extra safety net available, with an accident and critical care insurance plan – just in case.

At Bend Insurance, we seek to work together to protect your finances during life-changing events, so you can focus on your recovery.

Why Would Individuals Need Accidental & Critical Care Insurance?

You probably are wondering why you would need accidental and critical care insurance when you already have health insurance. Well, accident and critical illness plans serve as an additional layer of protection that protects you and your family from costs resulting from big health emergencies and unexpected illnesses. In the event that you’re diagnosed with a covered illness such as heart attack, cancer, stroke, paralysis or major organ failure, your plan pays a lump-sum benefit directly to you for use in whatever way you choose. Considering these events often incur greater than average medical costs, such a plan can help you pay for costs that can really add up and eat into your savings.

What Can a Customer Expect From a Policy Like This?

Following a diagnosis of a covered condition, the insured individual submits a claim for benefits which are then paid directly to them. The benefits critical illness insurance provides can be used to make up for lost livelihoods, cover medical payments, time off work, rehabilitation costs, transportation costs, child care and more.

How is This Insurance Different From Standard Health Insurance?

While a standard health insurance plan covers your medical expenses and hospitalization costs when you get sick or hurt, it often fails to cover all the expenses associated with a critical illness. Additionally, regular health insurance plans are usually indemnity based plans, which means the insured person needs to make a claim for every hospitalization to receive the benefit.

Critical illness insurance, on the other hand, pays you a round sum to ensure you can make-up with all the expenses that you incur when dealing with a covered critical ailment. It’s a good way to cover critical gaps and manage rising healthcare expenses as a single life-threatening illness can easily bring life to a standstill and weigh heavily on an individual.


Working with Steve Thill

Critical Illness Insurance Agent in Bend

Knowing how much coverage you need is essential in determining which policy works for you. Working with an experienced independent insurance agent can help you complement your health insurance so you have the right coverage to deal with any future medical expenses, no matter how serious. Since they work with many top-rated insurance company products, they can help choose the right plan for your needs.

Contact us today to learn more and let us help you find a critical illness insurance solution that supports you and your family’s financial goals.

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