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At Bend Insurance, we have the resources to answer your questions and get you appropriate coverage for your farm or ranch.

Why Do You Need Farm & Ranch Insurance in Oregon?

Owning or operating a farm or ranch carries a range of risks, unique to the practice. For instance, raising animals presents a unique set of risks such as being attacked by wild animals, getting injured or killed or potentially causing damage to people and property upon escape. Farming also has its own dangers, especially where heavy and large machinery is used.

It’s for this reason that you may need insurance protection that goes beyond a standard homeowners policy. Farm and ranch insurance protects you and your investment (equipment, farmhouse, horses and livestock) and helps manage potential liability related to your farm and ranch operations.

What Can a Customer Expect From a Farm & Ranch Insurance Policy?

Since farms and ranches have varying functions, (each having its own particular challenges and risks), there are a wide range of different policies and coverages available. For this reason, farm policies tend to be highly customized based on the individual nature of each farm or ranch. So, no matter what you grow or how big or small your ranch is, your situation will be assessed individually to determine the coverage that makes the most sense for your operation.

What Does a Farm and Ranch Insurance Policy Cover?

Farm and ranch insurance offers property coverage for farm dwellings/structures, farm/ranch personal property including machinery and equipment and liability for your home and farm or ranch operations.

Liability protection helps cover many of the risks related to running an agricultural business including property damage or bodily injury to others. Liability claims have the ability to ruin your farming business. This makes it essential to include liability coverage options as part of your insurance policy.

Farm & Ranch Insurance Agent in Bend

At the end of the day, an independent insurance broker in Central Oregon is your greatest resource for crafting a policy that fits your way of life, from hobby and estate farms to large agribusinesses. No matter the size of the operation, you are guaranteed of broad and flexible coverage for your agricultural operation.

Farm & Ranch Insurance Catered to You

Being a part of your community, we understand farmers and can help you develop a customized farm insurance policy that caters to your farm’s unique needs while keeping costs reasonable. Following a professional appraisal that determines the true value of your farm or ranch, your insurance agent will help determine the product that is right for you.

Count on us for all your agricultural land and property coverage needs in Oregon. We have the experience and expertise needed to offer the farm and ranch coverage you need to minimize the risks you face while protecting your estate for future generations.

Steve Thill

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