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Group Health Insurance in Bend, Oregon

I can help small business owners navigate health insurance for their small or large group insurance options.

I am very familiar with the group market and will answer questions and help you set up a group health insurance plan that will fit your team’s budget and needs.

I work with all the major network providers and will ensure we find a plan that will fit your group’s needs.

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Easily find an affordable healthcare plan.

Group Health Insurance Plans for Oregon

Are you looking for the most affordable group plans in Oregon? Group health insurance is obtained by businesses and organizations (large or small) and then offered to its members to guarantee quality medical care and financial protection in case of unexpected injury or illness. It’s designed to be more cost-effective as premiums are typically less expensive than those for individual health coverage.

At Bend Insurance, we realize that the process of getting a group health insurance quote for your Oregon business can be incredibly daunting. That’s why we’re here to help.

Why Do Individuals or Businesses Need a Group Insurance Policy?

Oregon small businesses account for over 50% of the local private-sector jobs. While small business owners aren’t required to provide health insurance for employees or their dependents, it’s important for them to offer a group health insurance plan for improved health of the workforce. This goes to show that you appreciate their efforts and helps attract and retain the best employees.

Cost Savings with a Group Health Insurance Plan

Group health insurance also offers cost savings considering the risk is spread out among the group members, meaning the cost is generally split between the employer and employee.

Group Health Insurance Agent in Bend

An independent insurance broker represents multiple insurance companies, therefore, they can help you compare a variety of health insurance plans to determine the best fit for your business’ needs and budget. You’ll get assistance with employee enrollment and have dedicated insurance specialists who’ll coordinate with your carrier and provide the necessary support, all without extra costs.

How Easy Is It To Adjust a Group Health Insurance Policy?

There are two options for adjusting a group health plan. These include;

During open enrollment – This is a special period when employees can make changes to their health insurance plans. It’s usually between Nov. 1 to Dec 15 every year in Oregon.

During special enrollment – Outside of open enrollment, employees can adjust their plans only if they have a qualifying event that triggers a special open enrollment (SEP) window. Having a child, getting married, losing health insurance or updates to the place of residence are common examples of qualifying life events.

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Can You Get Group Health Insurance Anytime?

Group health insurance has no open enrollment meaning you can enroll any time of the year if you qualify.

What Type of Customer is Most Likely to Need a Group Health Insurance Policy in Oregon?

Company employees or members of an organization are most likely to be enrolled in group health insurance. Small businesses most especially, need a group health insurance policy as it plays a significant role in the financial reality of a company and forms part of the growth plan.

Let’s simplify the process of helping you obtain health benefits for your deserving Oregon employees. Contact us today for a non-obligation review of your small group health insurance package. We can also assist you with other types of small business insurance policies you may need.

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