Vision & Dental Insurance in Bend, Oregon

It’s common knowledge that health insurance is something you shouldn’t live without, but what about vision and dental insurance? Is it worth the expense? A lot of people often overlook vision and dental health insurance plans, and that’s never a good idea. 

To ensure your overall well-being, oral and eye health should be a priority, and what better way to take charge than with affordable vision and dental plans.

Why Is It Important to Sign Up for a Vision & Dental Plan?

For many people, going to a dentist or eye doctor can be pretty costly without insurance. A dental/vision insurance plan offers lots of oral and vision care benefits that can save you so much money in the long term. Beneficiaries can receive benefits such as discounted vision/oral exams, lens fittings, contacts, co-pay for services, etc.

More importantly, individuals with coverage are more likely to access personalized care from eye doctors and dentists who take the time to get to know them and their unique needs for improved overall health. Previous studies suggest that individuals who schedule regular exams/ appointments or receive an annual comprehensive eye or dental exam are more likely to detect serious medical problems earlier, leading to significant savings on health insurance costs down the line.

As an employer, vision and dental coverage for employees is a key component in attracting and retaining top talent for your business. Providing holistic health benefits for employees increases loyalty and productivity in the workplace, which is deemed necessary in a competitive business environment. Although businesses in Oregon aren’t required to offer group dental and vision insurance plans, having one is a solid return on investment.

Therefore, if you’re looking to show your employees you care about their overall health and want to keep your valuable assets around, having an insurance package that includes dental and vision might be the way to accomplish all that.

What Does a Vision & Dental Insurance Plan Cover?

Typically, coverage varies based on the specific plan. However, most vision and dental plans cover;

  • Preventive care like cleanings and checkups at or near 100%
  • Basic care such as fillings, root canals, or vision correction with frames or lenses
  • Major care, including dental implants, crowns, bridges, LASIK, and PRK vision correction
  • Orthodontic treatments

Vision & Dental Insurance Agent in Bend

It’s crucial to ensure you have the right insurance coverage for your health. Since each dental and vision insurance plan varies depending on the offered benefits, an experienced professional will present you with options and help you decide which type of dental and vision insurance plans will best meet your needs. Essentially, finding the best vision and dental care benefits for small businesses or individuals is easier when you consider working with a knowledgeable independent insurance agent. Whether you’re seeking individual coverage for you and your family or are a business owner trying to find the best vision and dental insurance for your employees, we can help you save time and money.

We have a strong network with leading dental/vision insurance carriers, making it easier to find coverage well-suited to your needs. Above all, we go the extra mile to keep your costs in check without sacrificing the coverage you need. Your vision and oral health are constantly changing, so just because you feel perfect today doesn’t necessarily mean that it won’t change over a short one- to two-year period. Let us help you stay healthy with affordable access to dentists and eye doctors. Feel free to contact us and learn more about vision and dental insurance in Bend, Oregon. Alternatively, you can use our self-service program through Ameritas Dental.

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